Crazy to Calm

Are you overwhelmed, stressed & exhausted?

Are you tired & wired?

Do you want to feel calmer, but aren’t sure how?

I’ve been on that path. I know where debilitating stress can lead you: trouble falling asleep and staying asleep; anxiety; emotional eating; relying on caffeine and sugar to cope; and, eventually, adrenal fatigue and other health issues.

Over a period of time, these stress-related issues can take a significant toll ​on your health, happiness, relationships and productivity.

My mission is to journey with you to overcome the overwhelm so you can achieve a calmer mind with my Crazy to Calm programme. Rather than focusing on managing stress, I’ll show you how to manage your Calm.

I offer a series of courses in which you will:

  • Learn simple tools to bring more calm and clarity into your days;
  • Eliminate calm-destroying foods in your diet;
  • Understand your hormones and how to work with them;
  • Develop a plan to make healthy changes that are smooth, practical and personalized;
  • Connect with others as you bring more physical, mental and emotional balance into your life.

My clients learn how to incorporate various mental, emotional, physical and spiritual tools into their lives. In order for us to be a complete, relaxed and healthy person, all these elements need to be nourished and mobilised.

To get started on your journey, fill in your name and email on the form in the right-hand column. You will receive ​a free eBook ~ “Crazy to Calm: 3 Tools to a Relaxed You” ~ to start you on the journey from crazy to calm.

​Join me on the path to a more relaxed you​!



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