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Vered Ehsani bannerI’m Vered and I’ve always had a fascination with health and wellness. I also know what it’s like to have a busy life full of stress.

Two babies, postpartum depression, a consulting business, studying for a Master’s degree, an international move to an unfamiliar country: this was my life for a few years. I was overwhelmed and perpetually exhausted. Tired but wired, I would have trouble falling or staying asleep. My brain would spin with everything that was on my plate.

I pushed through the day’s never-ending To Do list. But with my natural energy reserves depleted, I relied on caffeine and sugar to cope. Chronic stress from multiple sources wore me down. After a draining decade, I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue.​ Rather than being a journey, my life seemed it was heading for a dead end.

Fortunately, I came to the realization that life, while busy, doesn’t have to be full of stress. I began to investigate different approaches to diet, lifestyle choices, movement and emotions that would lower my stress response and calm my nerves. I took classes on adrenal fatigue and hormone health. Eventually I took a course to become a certified wellness educator.

I’ve experienced the health impacts of chronic stress. I know how debilitating it is, and how difficult managing stress can be. That’s why I don’t teach clients how to manage their stress. Instead, I show them how to manage their Calm. Focusing on the Calm is easier, more effective, faster and a lot more fun.

The body’s stress-calm response is like a see-saw: when you increase or raise up one side, you automatically lower the other side. Bringing in more Calm lowers the Crazy with less effort, leading to increased productivity, well-being, health and joyfulness.

Now I want to help you to start out on a new journey, one that allows you to move through life with joy rather than anxiety.

certgradbadgeI’m a wife, mother, writer, and a certified Wellness Educator through the WellGrounded Life Certification Program (USA).

The courses I offer use a whole-person perspective, rather than focusing exclusively on any one aspect such as diet or fitness. In groups or one-on-one settings, we investigate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tools. Every class teaches some practical tips and tricks to lower stress and increase calm.

Vered & Books smallFeel free to contact me at vered@crazytocalm.biz or call me – 0722328297.


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