balance heartEach of my courses focuses on all areas of a person: body, mind, heart, spirit. I don’t believe in pushing a set of rigid rules. Rather, I facilitate understanding of basic concepts and principles that we can use to guide us and improve our decision making.

There is no one-size-fits-all, and what fits you now will change from month to month, from season to season. You need to learn how to find what works for you at different points in your life. Therefore, we experiment with different approaches so you develop the skills to adapt to your changing situation.



I’m currently offering my premium course – Crazy to Calm – in a Personal Touch option for those who want additional assistance in their wellness journey, as well as a Corporate option. All courses include a Facebook group for ongoing support in between classes.

Are you looking for the perfect present for the person who has it all? Compiling corporate gifts for clients? Or planning a workshop, company retreat, bridal shower or other event, and want something different on the agenda? Contact me for a unique and practical gift that no one will forget.



A) Crazy to Calm

  • balance flower stoneUnderstand what stress really is;
  • Learn about the on-off toggle;
  • Identify triggers;
  • Learn a series of tips and tricks to bring in the calm;
  • For further details, go HERE.

B) Personal Touch

  • A one-on-one programme;
  • Can be done in parallel with any of the group courses or as a stand-alone;
  • Together, we will create a personalised course based on your specific interests and needs;
  • I’ll be with you every step of the way as you learn how to implement the changes you want.

C) Corporate Programme

  • As part of a company retreat or an in-house wellness programme;
  • Can be modified according to the needs and interests of the company.


If you’re interested in starting, or want more information, send me an email:

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