balance heartEach of my courses are designed for busy people who want more calm in their days.

I don’t push a set of rigid rules. There is no one-size-fits-all, so your stress-busting toolbox should be personalized.

What works for you now might change over time. You need to know how to find what works for you at different points in your life.

Therefore, we experiment with different approaches so you develop the skills to adapt to your changing situation.

My courses give you a set of quick, easy, effective tools to increase your calm, and the knowledge of how to apply them.


I offer all my courses in three versions:

A) Personal Touch

  • A one-on-one program that provides additional, focused assistance;
  • Can be done in parallel with any of the group courses or as a stand-alone;
  • Together, we create and implement a personalised course based on your specific interests and needs.

B) Calm for Kids

  • For children, teens and students;
  • Empower the next generation to lead calmer, healthier lives;
  • Can be done one-on-one or in a group.

C) Corporate / Group Program

  • As part of a company retreat or an in-house wellness programme;
  • Can be modified according to the needs and interests of the company, organization or group;
  • Includes a Facebook group for ongoing support in between classes.


A) Crazy to Calm

  • Identify your stress triggers;
  • Learn a series of tips and tricks to bring in the calm;
  • For further details, click HERE.

B) Eating for Calm

  • Learn the truth about stress eating;
  • Identify tools to lower your stress eating;
  • Create your perfect menu to increase your calm.

C) Calm the Addiction

  • Understand the relationship between sugar and stress;
  • Learn tools that calm your metabolism and lower your sugar cravings.

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