Get Your Calm

For many of us, the craziness starts before breakfast.

Juggling family and work schedules. Remembering assignments. Managing relationships. Finding the house keys.

When life becomes a continuous series of stressful triggers and chronic overwhelm, it can feel nearly impossible to find the calm, clarity and vitality we need to meet the demands of our busy day.

Now, imagine if you knew quick, simple, practical tools that can shift you back into the calm response…



Managing stress is difficult. That’s why I don’t teach you how to manage your stress. Instead, I show you how to manage your Calm.

Focusing on the Calm is easier, more effective, faster and a lot more fun. The body’s stress-calm response is like a seesaw: when you increase or raise up one side, you automatically lower the other side. Bringing in more Calm lowers the Crazy with less effort, leading to increased productivity, well-being, health and joyfulness.

The Crazy to Calm course teaches you how to:

  1. Meet the demands of your day without falling into overwhelm.
  2. Keep your biochemistry calm and resilient.
  3. Increase mental and emotional clarity by tapping into calming techniques that work instantly.

This course is great for:

  • Busy people who need calming tools that are fast and easy to use.
  • People who need stress-management skills (ex: students, managers, entrepreneurs).
  • Companies that want to lower work-related stress and increase productivity.

It also makes the perfect present for the person who has it all. It can be used as a unique corporate gift for clients. A fun, interactive introductory Calm Class can be inserted into the agenda of a workshop, company retreat, bridal shower or other event.


The Crazy to Calm course has two modules with four classes in each module. There is also a modified version of the course for children and teens. Below is a brief summary of the goals for each class.

Module One

Class 1: Laying the Foundation

  • Define your true “YESes” and learn what to do with them;
  • Initiate two anchor practices that will help bring in more calm.

Class 2: Limbic Calming Techniques

  • Understand the limbic system and the stress-calm seesaw;
  • Experiment with the five categories of limbic calming.

Class 3: Strong Starts

  • Explore how food can calm or stress our metabolism;
  • Experience how different breakfasts impact your energy, hormones and stress levels.

Class 4: Restorative Rest

  • Understand the stress-sleep connection and your response type;
  • Explore practices that increase Melatonin levels for more restful sleep.

Module Two

Class 1: Antidote for Adrenal Fatigue

  • Learn about the adrenal system, what calms or stresses it, and the impacts of Cortisol;
  • Recognize patterns of hyperactive versus hypoactive responses, and what tools to use.

Class 2: Mastering the Mental Triggers

  • Identify stressful thought patterns;
  • Learn the 4-step approach that weeds out stressful beliefs and retrains your thoughts.

Class 3: Pathways to Presence

  • Get in touch with your body wisdom and use it to shift you into calm;
  • Practice three body-based exercises to cultivate presence and reconnect body and mind.

Class 4: Boundaries, Drains & Energy Leaks

  • Conduct a master time assessment and schedule re-orientation;
  • Create your toolbox of support and plan how you will use each tool.

balance azaleaYou’re invited to a sample class specifically designed for people who want more calm, clarity and connection in their everyday lives. Walk away with five simple tools to decrease stress and increase balance.

Find out more about upcoming courses, get dates for the next intro class, or receive info about one-on-one and corporate sessions. Send me an email at or call me at 0722328297.